We’re a company born out of tradition and love.

Our Story

In 2015, Suzanne Foley took an old family recipe, added her own special twist and voilà—Port City Pretzels was born. Our delicious pretzels are a true taste of home. This is the recipe Suzanne’s friends and neighbors were always begging for. They were the hit of every football Sunday. The mouthwatering theme of her daughter’s middle school entrepreneur project. But we’re more than just pretzels. We’re a small-town brand that loves to think big. We’re all about joy, comfort and good old-fashioned New England resilience. While our business is based in the heart of Portsmouth, NH, our spirit comes from everyone we meet. 

From our feisty seaport family to you—enjoy!

Our Philosophy

Believe in yourself and the goodness of others.

We believe life is a scrumptious gift. From the products we craft to the people we hire, we infuse passion into everything we do. We believe food can lift you up. Transport you to a happy place. And so we strive to create pretzels so mouthwatering, you can never have enough bags on the shelf. We believe everyone has something unique and wonderful to offer. We’re open to new ideas and new people every day. We’re always curious, continuing to learn and improve as we grow.

We do it with love. It’s what makes us The People’s Pretzel.