Our Story

Originating from a legacy of passion and heritage, Port City Pretzels is more than just a company; it’s a story woven with love.

Suzanne Foley, in 2015, took the liberty of enhancing a treasured family recipe,
unveiling a new snacking sensation. Savor the comfort of home with every bite of our exquisite pretzels.

  • " I just wanted to reach out and say WOW! Your pretzels have been such a hit. Love the bag, too. Our colleagues are raving about them and I’m sure there will be many more than a few repeat customers buying these pretzels."

  • " Best. Pretzels. Ever. Seriously, saw you guys at Hannaford's and I'm hooked. Thank you for making a delicious snack! "

  • " We got a bag from Shared Family dinner. Best pretzels ever. Congratulations."