Ryan: Production Line Worker

Ryan: Production Line Worker


Q. What’s your favorite Port City Pretzel flavor?
A. That is a good question. I like the ranch flavor because it tastes the best, but at the same time it makes my breath a little weird sometimes. I’m not a big spicy person, but I’ll eat spicy pretzels, I don’t know why. I guess I’m more used to it probably.

Q. Are the pretzels here hard to make?
A. The Feisty Hot pretzels are easy to make and mix all together. It’s the toughest to clean, but I’m used to it. Ranch is kind of in-between. Cinnamon is easy to clean, but really hard to mix together because it’s really heavy with all the sugar. It takes the longest to mix. That’s probably the only struggle I have but other than that, it’s mostly pretty good here.

Q. Do you like baking pretzels?
A. The baking is pretty good. I don’t mind getting messy. It’s good practice. I’m going to have to learn how to cook someday for when I move out. I do a good job with it. I can tolerate it.

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?
A. I like the packing machine and helping stack the shelves and helping move the bags and boxes and load up the trucks. It keeps me awake and alert to move around. I’m usually 90% pretty strong most of the time. I’m able to lift boxes. It’s more awkward than heavy. I have music playing while I’m working, which keeps me going and focused.

Q. How did you find this job?
A. I found this job through Project Search. I was connected through Great Bay Community College. They help people with special needs get jobs. I was working two jobs and decided this job was a little bit better fit. It had flexible hours. It’s a good fit for people both with or without disabilities. I’ve worked here for quite some time now—almost 3 years.

Q. What are the people like here?
A. The people are pretty good and pretty nice. There are certain people who are older than me and there might be some younger than me. Everyone has different skills and does different tasks. It’s interesting that there’s such a variety of different people.

Q. How would you describe Suzanne?
A. She’s really good. She’s pretty relaxed for the most part. She’s pretty good with flexible hours. She’s always good with me and the other employees. We do our best. She gives us feedback, which is good. She asks if anything is too much for me. It’s not. If it was, I would let her know.

Q. Have you met Lupin’s guide dog, Pluma?
A. The Shepherd? Yes. That’s a nice dog. I have a yellow Labrador Retriever mix. Her name is Rosie. I’m her favorite person. I love her. She’s friendly and she’s crazy. When she’s outside without a leash she’ll take off when she gets the chance. She’s 9 but acts like she’s 3.

Q. Your T-shirt says “Ride with Pride.” What does that mean?
A. This is my Six Flags shirt. I love roller coasters 100%. Except there’s one in Florida that hurts my head. But I’d go any day. I used to be really afraid, but I’ve conquered my fears.

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